Blame Court/Police for Misuse - Feminist Hoax

MISUSE OF RAPE LAWS, BLAME POLICE/COURT ANOTHER FEMINIST HOAX Pick up any debate/online discussion around Misuse of Rape laws or Misuse of Gender Biased Laws, the only thing feminists do, is to point fingers at alleged "incapability" of the " SYSTEM ". System, for them, is the Police and Court. Rape laws are one of the most misused laws with various courts giving various observations like:   While Courts have been doing their bit in giving whatever little justice is available to those who are falsely accused, majority of the victims of false accusations suffer the wrath of the abuse of process of law and being the victims on most touchy topic, gender, in the country. The moment there is an issue which can be converted to a Gender identity, Politics, Society, Authorities jump into it carrying the "flag of change". Most of such actions result into change of laws, like we have seen the changes to the Rape Laws. Changes in 2012, 201