KTS Tulsi - Gender Neutral Rape Bill 2019

MP becomes MAN in the Parliament2019, the year, when a Member of Parliament decided to become the MAN in the Parliament.
Shri KTS Tulsi, a respected Member of Parliament from Rajya Sabha is presenting a Private Member Bill. The Private Member Bill, named, "The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2019" is one of the first bills ever presented by an MP keeping the true spirit of Article 15 of the Constitution of India.
Few of the Salient features of the Bills include: Amendment in IPC Section 354, 354A, 354B, 354C, 354D to replace "woman" with "person".Amendment in IPC 375 to replace "woman" with "person".Insertion of IPC 375A to sexual assault and it's punishment where inappropriate touching also is proposed to be a Bailable offence with 3 years imprisonment, in Gender Neutral Manner.Amendment in IPC 376, 376A, 376C, 376D to replace "woman" with "person".All the above amendments are suggested to cover men, women, transge…

#MeToo vs #MiLord

#MeToo, the Digital Mob Lynching legal tool, attacks CJITerminated from job, a female colleague, can easily save her job and even seek revenge, is a well known use of the “Protection of Women from Sexual Harassment at Workplace” (POSH) act. We very carefully calls it as a “Use” and not “Misuse” because the law itself was drafted and the law making process was intended for putting men at workplace under severe pressure, constant threat and finally to destroy the professional and personal lives of Men. This time, none other than the Chief Justice of India, is in the line of fire of “USE” of POSH.Firstly, an ill-intentioned law is made under feminist pressure and then social media, fame seeking, movements like #MeToo get down to the levels on #DigitalMobLynching of accused men with complete disregard to even the process of such ill-intentioned laws. Parent movement of Men's Rights in India, Save Indian Family (SIF), had represented and opposed making of another Gender Biased Law i.e. …

Press Release: #MeToo is a Digital Mob Lynching Campaign

PRESS RELEASE - #MeTooa Digital Mob Lynching Campaign to Malign & Silence Men

Rajesh Sharma SC Judgment - 2017 vs 2018

SUPREME COURT reviews Rajesh Sharma vs State of UPwhat it means for Indian men, victims of #False498AIn 2017, Hon'ble Supreme Court (2 Judges bench) had given pathbreaking Guidelines to bring some sense into the IPC 498A complaints before they become FIR and a Criminal Case. In 2018, Hon'ble Supreme Court (3 Judges bench under CJI) reviewed it and changed the earlier order. This blog helps you understand OLD vs NEW Judgments.Hope below image helps you:In Table format too for easy Copy-Paste:S. No.Clause No. Rajesh Sharma vs State of UP 27th July 2017 SAFMA vs Union of India 14th Sept 2018 What it Means?119(i)(a)In every district one or more Family Welfare Committees be constituted by the District Legal Services Authorities preferably comprising of three members. The constitution and working of such committees may be reviewed from time to time and at least once in a year by the District and Sessions Judge of the district who is also the Chairman of the District Leg…

#BlackSeptember - when Indian Men lost Family Welfare Committee & Triple Talaq Ordinance

PRESS RELEASEBLACK SEPTEMBER FOR INDIAN MEN"Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
It was Shri Rabindranath Tagore who wrote these words many many years back. Little would have he envisaged that how would India make these words remain just as poem. Whereas many countries took these words and imbibed them in their Culture, India has just lost it.
Dissecting these Golden Words, which should have been in our Ethos, irony flows in: "Where the mind is without fear"With loads of Gender Biased laws in India, can Indian Men keep their mind off fear? The whole objective of fear psychosis that Feminists wanted to push into Indian Men, has been achieved. Indian Men are afraid of intentional touch of women in Public Transport, Intentional Domestic Violence done to them at Homes, even speaking out of being Raped by Women. "and the head is held high"How ca…

Press Release - International Men's Day 2016 (SFF)


Press Release - SIF One Completes 800 Days