MRA Petitions, Hon'ble SC says E-Visitation suggested

MRA Petitions, Hon'ble SC suggests Child Electronic Visitation
Time to rejoice a bit as our member, Dr. Tanuj Dhawan has been partially successful in getting observations from Hon'ble Supreme Court on getting Electronic Visitation during these pandemic times. Hon'ble Supreme Court has suggested that Electronic Visits can replace Physical Visitation. Read Order Here. Our Press Release on this order. All fathers, must share this Order Copy with alienating, litigating mothers, for their child welfare. In case aggrieved, the Hon'ble Supreme Court has opened the doors for aggrieved party to reach out to the respective Family Courts. Good win. Especially for those fathers who are unable to get current visitation orders modified for inclusion of E-Visitation, since Family Courts are mostly closed or not taking such applications on high priority.

Press Release - Lockdown & Men under Attack

Corona Lockdown & Men under Attack#DomesticViolenceOnMen                          #MakeHomeSafe4Men

NCW Inhumanity in Corona times

INHUMANITY OF FEMINISTS When Corona found something more inhuman itself.
NCW has issued statement for a particular gender & against the other gender, at a time when the COVID19 virus threatens the humanity as a whole. Who is playing the divide and rule game even in such times??
Lets understand the hoax & nuance of their every pointer.
One concern raised by NCW is that since schools are closed, children are burdening women, effecting their mental health. It is so ironical, that a statutory body today mentions children as a burden on mental health of mothers, while the law of India keeps giving custody of the child to mother. A father is considered only as a Free ATM by the law. If NCW, who claim to be the flag bearer of women in India, is right, the Law of India must immediately be changed to give custody, by default to fathers only as Alienating a Father is BOTH a Father’s Rights issue as well as a Child’s Rights issue. Though, it would be pertinent to mention that same NCW is al…

NCRB 2018: Male Suicide Index increase from 1.42 to 2.17 - India Sleeps on National Commission for Men

Press ReleaseNCRB 2018 - INDIA SLEEPS WHILE MEN DIENATIONAL COMMISSION FOR MEN as Male Suicide Index (MSI) increases from 1.42 to 2.17 over past 20 years

Hyderabad - When Police Killed Law in an Encounter

PRESS RELEASE - #EncounterOfLaw by Telangana State This week, India applauded Encounters.
This week, India applauded Fake Encounters. This week, India applauded Encounter Killings. This week, India applauded Encounter of Law. This week, India applauded Encounter of Constitution.
All of the above, happened in Hyderabad when 4 accused (not convicts) were shot dead in an, straight out of Bollywood movie, Encounter.
Men Welfare Trust (MWT), in association with Save Family Foundation (SFF), releases following Press Release on the same. There are Links mentioned in the Press Release, pasted at the end of this blog.
Please think and think hard, WHAT HAVE WE BECOME!! Revenge is not Justice and Justice is not Revenge.

Puducherry: Woman burns husband to death in hut Faridabad: In a fit of rage, woman burns sister-in-law and her son to death, another child critical India: Lady doctor burns woman, son to death in act of vengeance

KTS Tulsi - Gender Neutral Rape Bill 2019

MP becomes MAN in the Parliament2019, the year, when a Member of Parliament decided to become the MAN in the Parliament.
Shri KTS Tulsi, a respected Member of Parliament from Rajya Sabha is presenting a Private Member Bill. The Private Member Bill, named, "The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2019" is one of the first bills ever presented by an MP keeping the true spirit of Article 15 of the Constitution of India.
Few of the Salient features of the Bills include: Amendment in IPC Section 354, 354A, 354B, 354C, 354D to replace "woman" with "person".Amendment in IPC 375 to replace "woman" with "person".Insertion of IPC 375A to sexual assault and it's punishment where inappropriate touching also is proposed to be a Bailable offence with 3 years imprisonment, in Gender Neutral Manner.Amendment in IPC 376, 376A, 376C, 376D to replace "woman" with "person".All the above amendments are suggested to cover men, women, transge…

#MeToo vs #MiLord

#MeToo, the Digital Mob Lynching legal tool, attacks CJITerminated from job, a female colleague, can easily save her job and even seek revenge, is a well known use of the “Protection of Women from Sexual Harassment at Workplace” (POSH) act. We very carefully calls it as a “Use” and not “Misuse” because the law itself was drafted and the law making process was intended for putting men at workplace under severe pressure, constant threat and finally to destroy the professional and personal lives of Men. This time, none other than the Chief Justice of India, is in the line of fire of “USE” of POSH.Firstly, an ill-intentioned law is made under feminist pressure and then social media, fame seeking, movements like #MeToo get down to the levels on #DigitalMobLynching of accused men with complete disregard to even the process of such ill-intentioned laws. Parent movement of Men's Rights in India, Save Indian Family (SIF), had represented and opposed making of another Gender Biased Law i.e. …