Sunday, 29 June 2014

Push Push Push ......... Car starts

We said keep pushing, Car will start & it did


Read this report: No immediate arrest in rape case after live-in breakup

Save Family Foundation, for a long time (right from the time old laws were being misused & also once the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance was passed and made a law), has been opposing of draconianisation of laws. SFF, along with other NGOs of the Parent Movement, Save Indian Family, has been requesting the government, law makers, society to identify Crime by Crime and not by Gender.
SFF always requested the Law Makers & Law Bodies & Legislation & Judiciary, when it come to Rape Laws to:
1. Make the Law Gender Neutral for Victims
2. Make the Law Gender Neutral for Accused
3. Add strict Misuse clause to a law which has history of being prone to misuse
The crusade was not kept only to on ground activity but was also taken to serious Social Media.

Save Family Foundation Activists did various activities against the increase in spurt of False Rape Cases which pushed innocents behind bars.

SFF Activist:
  • Met the Police chief at Police Head Quarters to sensitise police to not do any arrests without investigations.
  • Requested the police to book false accusers of Rape
  • Met with various MPs, MLAs, Party Leaders seeking their support towards not treating Rape as a Gender Based Crime & to add misuse clause
  • Helped over 5000 victims of False Rape Cases across when they lost hope of Justice
  • Presented the TRUE side of a FALSE case on how a false case devastates the life and family of one who is wrongly accused
  • Stood against widespread & misunderstood notions of Rape created in Society by Knee-Jerk reactions
  • Submitted 1000s of responses to Justice Verma Committee while they were drafting their report
We are pleased to share the good news. We are pleased to share that our efforts have got paid in limited manner. We are pleased to share, what we pushed, has started the engine.

We havet won the far but have won the fight.

Lets continue to fight and success will be of HUMANITY.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Are Civil Court redundant?

SIF writes to Authorities

SIF has written to Hon'ble Prime Minister, Hon'ble Law Minister, Hon'ble Chief Justice of India & Hon'ble Minister of Women and Child Development asking a very important question.
Question is, have Civil Courts lost their trust and relevance in the eyes of National Commission of Women?
Here is the copy of the communication:

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

SIF One - First 50 Days

SIF One (0-8882-498-498), 50 Days, 16000 Calls

SIF One, was launched on 12th April 2014 and completed 50 days with about 16000 calls. The Press Release is shared below.
SIF One has opened worst Horror stories ever heard about how Anti-men India is. Where we have Husband and Father-in-law behind bars for over 180 days for a Matrimonial Litigation and family has no money to fight for bail? We also have widow mothers waiting for sons to get bail for last 72 days under a false Rape case by his tutor. Horror is much much more. Calls of Men who are victims of Rape and have been raped by Women under false promise to marry them.
But, all this is just a snippet. Realities are much worse.