Tuesday, 3 June 2014

SIF One - First 50 Days

SIF One (0-8882-498-498), 50 Days, 16000 Calls

SIF One, was launched on 12th April 2014 and completed 50 days with about 16000 calls. The Press Release is shared below.
SIF One has opened worst Horror stories ever heard about how Anti-men India is. Where we have Husband and Father-in-law behind bars for over 180 days for a Matrimonial Litigation and family has no money to fight for bail? We also have widow mothers waiting for sons to get bail for last 72 days under a false Rape case by his tutor. Horror is much much more. Calls of Men who are victims of Rape and have been raped by Women under false promise to marry them.
But, all this is just a snippet. Realities are much worse.

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