Saturday, 13 October 2012



OPPOSITE N.C.W. (National Commission of Wives)

Clock struck 4:45 PM and I parked my car at the venue.
Why was this venue important?

It was as over 10-15 Flag Bearers of the Save Family Umbrella toiled for over 3 weeks till today to make the First of it's Kind COMMANDO TRAINING SESSION across the Globe.

Lot of people asked us, who is a Commando?

We said, look here and also answer here:

Then, we took lot of brainstorming, help from other chapters and came up with a solution, and called it "COMMANDO TRAINING SESSION".

Clock struck 4:45 PM and the Round Table Conference Room opened. While we were waiting before that, lot of men were standing around the building and the moment the doors were opened, all these unknown men thronged the venue and took their seats.

We thought there is some confusion and rechecked with them:

SFF : Excuse Me, we have booked this meeting room
Unknown Men : Sorry, but is it the Commando Training Session??
------------- 20 seconds pause ----------------
wow!! the marketing worked.

SFF (with pleasure) : Yes, it is. Please take your seats.

So this event saw so many new comers as we saw never before.

We announced that the session will start sharp at 5:30PM.

For next 30 minutes, we were setting up the Audio-Video, Presentations, doing sound checks, doing test runs. While few volunteers helped guiding people outside on where to go for this "BIG BANG Session". Few Volunteers helped with distribution of the registration forms and few started helping on getting the attendance sheet signed by the participants.

When the clock struck 5:30PM, we had in front of us a crowd of over 60 people waiting for the session start. And by now, none of them were UNKNOWN.

And the session started. Went on and on.

We had thought of ending the session by 7PM but looking at the way demands / energy / thoughts / focus went, we clicked 7:45PM.

Towards the end of the session, what waited was a sweetest surprise from Parents of our one of the Frontline Commandos, Dr. Dinesh from UK and his parents. So sweet of his parents who traveled for this session and also offered free rides to participants in South Delhi. End of session saw participants munching one of the most amazing Kheer that they had ever tasted. What is Kheer?? Read this,

The event also witnessed the Launch of one of the biggest GLOBAL database of SIFF to capture the skillset of all Volunteers, Members:

Request everyone to fill their details in this form (if not done already):

Also, please spread this to as many members / groups / website / network that you are part of.

With inputs from MV, PSTSP, AL, AL, SB and RB in addition to the main presenters SS and WA, the sessions ended with thoughts clearing and also the vision of the future.

So, we present to you the Presentation which marked the "RISE OF DARK KNIGHTS"

Also, please see the recording of the session as well (in parts)

PART - 1

PART - 2

PART - 3