Monday, 3 December 2012

Aamir Khan's Suicidal Dagger



It was a huge propoganda done during SMJ (Satyamev Jayate) when Aamir Khan came up with populist and TRP hungry topics of Domestic Violence and Dowry Harassment.
Everyone thought that this series will bring up the lesser known social evils, so did SIFF (Save Indian Family Foundation) along with other sister NGOs.
Volunteers (rather victims) from, with a lot of hope reached out to SMJ team sharing with them few details, stories, videos.
What did they submit to SMJ team? Here it was:
Data from NCRB which said following bullet points:
  • That, 62000 Married men commit suicide every year, which is about double to that of Married women.
  • That, Supreme Court of India called the misuse of 498A as "Legal Terrorism".
  • That, annually, about 1.4 Lakh cases are filed under 498A in India and conviction rate of these cases is about 2% thus leaving about 1.29 Lakh cases found false.
  • That, average number of respondents per each case is about 4 thus with 1.29 Lakh false cases, over 5 Lakh Innocents across India have to go through the Litigation and ordeal of being called as a criminal for no fault of theirs.
  • That, with 304B (Dowry Death) being an assumed law, registers about 8000 cases annually in India (death within 7 years of marriage is ASSUMED to be Dowry Death) has conviction rate of about 34% and this giving number of about 7 Dowry Deaths per day as against 170 suicides on Married men per day.
Team shared with them real stories of torture, of harassment.
SMJ team, comfortably ignored all that as their focus was, "HOW TO PAY AAMIR KHAN 1 CRORE PER EPISODE?" For that they needed TRPs and who would bother to hear about Men's harassment and hence they picked up "commonly understood and accepted topics" like Corruption, Domestic Violence of Men, Dowry Harassment etc etc.
The series claimed to be an awakening. Was it really an awakening? NO. Picking topics like "World Peace" can only give you "Miss World titles", does not awaken society which in anycase, FEELS that they know these "ALLEGED" truths.
With his complete series of SMJ (read the complete story here:, Aamir Khan and his team showed Men under such a bad light of being the tormentors and women only as Victims. How did that effect? It did as everyone started discussing these topics based on falsehood. Judges started reading these news in newspaper and thus ensuring adverse Judgments against Men and their families under these sections.
So after doing enough damage, Aamir Khan went back to what he did, MOVIES. 1 Crore per episode wasnt exciting enough so more money earning feeling got him back to make a movie "Talaash".
With support of various real victims across India, Men's Rights association successfully boycotted his commercial venture, "Talaash" resulting in loss of about 10 Crores in first week itself.

The news about this Boycott went VIRAL on Internet.
This single story above attracted over 2000 comments from people across the globe.
Internet started picking up this story with even media from Pakistan ( &
 and other countries publishing the same.

While we went through the way few of the "Anti Men" people responded to these News Article, we thought of showing them what it feels to be a victim (though world is aware but they are not). Even NCW chairperson says that Illegal Arrests must not be done under 498A (

Below, we have tried to give the ignorant fools a small feeling of how it feels to be a victim of law misuse:

Have you ever seen inside of jail?
Think of a day when you are in your office working on a client ticket on your PC and police comes to your office, comes to your seat, picks you in front of your whole office, hand-cuffs you and this is when you come to know that your wife has filed a complaint. 
And before you can call your parents and inform them of the same, the Police guy who has come to arrest you from your office informs you to not to worry about your parents as they have already been arrested from your house. Some relief right? But then you suddenly think of your brother/sister who are in a different city and are at work or their college from where they are being arrested at the same time.
Police ensures that you have your family reunion behind the bars. 
While you all are behind bars, you can hear your wife, her lawyer and police sitting together and discussing on what all allegations those can be added to your case. 
You are arrested on Friday night and Monday and Tuesday are Court holidays so you are presented in front of the court only on Wednesday so the complete family is behind bars since Friday till Wednesday already.
Since, all of you were getting arrested, your father could not pick up his Diabetes Medicines while your Mother forgot to pick up her Hyper tension medicines.
So, till Wednesday morning what you see that your father's feet has got swelled and you know it is because of very high sugar and he is almost towards hospitalization.
Your mother keeps quiet as this harassment keeps burning inside her and she doesn't survive till Wednesday also. Her only relief that her sons and daughters are with her while she passes away, behind the bars, before Wednesday.
Your Elder sister who was also jailed because your wife wrote her name too in the complaint has your 2 month old niece who needs to feed on mother's milk and hence both of them join you in your sorrow of your mother's demise behind bars.
So, all of you wearing white clothes (not because your mother passed away, but because that's the dress of the Jail) sit on the floor while you probably fume, others try to hide their faces from themselves.
Your younger brother, who was arrested in front of his friends and teachers (he is the most brilliant student of his batch), goes to the washroom and hangs himself unable to bear this harassment.
Your Brother-In-Law who was traveling for office work and had probably never met your wife was out for an office meeting and hence by chance missed the arrest. He is running from Pillar to Post like a Criminal to save himself and save his wife & 2 month old baby of his.
On Wednesday, the remaining three of you (of 5 arrested initially) are presented infront of the magistrate where you actually get to know that you, your brother and your Diabetic father have been charged for raping your wife while your sister is charged for forcing abortion of your wife (she lived with you for 17 hours only after marriage). Your expired Mother has been charged with seducing your Wife's brother and hence a different case.
So you after hearing all these charges, gulp it somehow and go into isolation. You curse yourself, you are weeping inside as you see faces of your Father (who has been charged as a rapist) and your Elder Sister (who has been charged for forcing abortion in a marriage of 17 hours) and also you keep thinking about your Dead Younger Brother (who has been charged as a Rapist) and your Dead Mother (who has been charged for Seduction of your Wife's Brother).
Suddenly, you are disturbed by a cry of an infant. You realize your 2 month old Niece is crying for the environment it got once out of protective womb of it's mother and care of it's father. You realize that for last 3-4 nights inside the Jail, there were so many mosquitoes who were feeding on your 2 month old niece and probably the infant is now having Dengue as the child has been crying of pain and high fever for last 2 nights.
But then, suddenly the cry goes mum and the child stops responding. Court staff rushes the child to ICU but ICU only says, "BYE, CANT SAVE YOU".
This news you come to know late but inside the court room, your wife and her lawyers keep screaming about the alleged Rape, Abortion along with other "NORMAL" allegations of Dowry Harassment. The Hon'ble Court tells you that bail can be granted to you if you are ready to pay 7 Lakhs to your wife in lieu of Harassment done to her but that will give bail only to your Dead Brother and Dead Mother because allegations are very grave against the other Living Respondents i.e. Your Father, Your Elder Sister and Yourself.
You accept giving INR 7 lakhs to atleast get your Dead Mother and your Dead Brother a Bail. The Hon'ble Court sends 3 of you to 14 day Judicial Custody for the Investigations to get complete.
Your father, hearing this decision collapses in the court again only becomes a news for you few hours later when you get to know from Police Constable that your father was declared "brought dead" by the time he reached the Hospital.
Isnt it a lot unbelievable which has happened? You cant believe what has happened? You cant understand why, what for? You do a rewind and remember that your wife once said that she wants you to give some money to her brother which were not able to because of the trip to Shimla that you took your wife to.
Loneliness creeps in as you see your Elder Sister's half dead personality as she keeps remembering of her 2 month old Child who was alive in her arms few hours back.
You feel like killing yourself and sit with you head down when you hear a knock on the bars of the jail.
The constable has disturbed you. He says, "You have a visitor" (with a smirk).
Here comes your goddess, your wife who looks at you, smiles at you and just says few words, "See, I told you, WOMEN ARE EMPOWERED".


  1. its sad to see the condition of modern day the name of women empowerment men and his family is virtually murdered..its a curse to be born a man in india.

  2. As per NHFS Survey -3 Report, the women who have reported to have suffered physical violence (Refer table 15.2). For women between age 15 to 49, NHFS-3 it is concluded that: Father does 4.4% of DV, Mother does 8.9% of DV While Mother-in-law does 1.9% of DV on women, Father-in-law does 0.6% of DV on women Which shows that women suffer 5 times more violence from her own parents than her in-laws. This significant truth based facts does not find mention in your programme, which further shows that your programme is completely biased and made with a malafide intention to project not only men but also relatives as culprits. In view of the above correct facts placed by me, it is established that the programmed air on 17.06.12, was based upon misrepresented facts and the story of the said programme seems to be completely scripted, which is far away from the truth. You are the sole responsible person amongst others who have deliberately and intentionally created/organized such type of programme, to create disharmony in the society/family. There is every apprehension that such type of programmes may further create problems in the well established families as the programme is provocative, leading to destroying the trust between the genders. The misrepresentation of facts and projecting men as monsters/wife beaters, would lead to creating disharmony in the society, which is an offence under Indian Penal Code and by way of this legal notice, I call upon you to immediately withdraw such programmes and change the title of the programme “Satyamev Jayate” to some other title that may depict clearly that it is a scripted programme, with a clear cut disclaimer/notice mentioning that the programme is based on scripted story and not bearing any resemblance to true facts or data. It is further noticed to you to not air such programme in future without correct interpretation of facts, figures and research and there should be proper representation from both sides men and women, as all over the world it is well established, domestic violence is not a gender specific issue as both men and women are equally responsible for the same.

  3. Absolutely. While I was writing the above description, I thought that it probably looks fictional and hence got this video in. Those who are into this world of misuse know that whatever was written above is not a story. It is real life of lot of MRAs. We bow down in sadness to life of all those which ended because of this Legal Terrorism.

  4. Please stop wasting money to see such movie who promote the abuse of men and suffering had no concern, as money does not come to men from tree. Better spend that money to update knowledge and support some poor man at road who have to work day night to feed his family, child.

  5. So sad to seeing such a horrifying demise of whole families. In a family there are so many expectations from their son and daugther in law after marriage. Every hope of a strong family foundation starts to break down due to the easy misuse of dowry/domestic violence acts. Well said famous saying "Agar bevakoof ke hath me power aa jaye to sarvnaash nishchit hai" means the destruction is obvious with custody of power goes in wrong hands. Misuse is destroying the respect towards women in our society which has been blatantly recognized. We were taught to respect mothers, sisters, elderly people etc, and protect them first before your life. Alas, its going away. Please stand and unite together to stop this legal terrorism and punish only culprits, not INNOCENTS men!

    1. The Story continues and ends with the Tragic end of the Man himself once he sees his Elder Sister also half-dead.

      1 complaint that costed 5 innocent lives and all that with the help of LAWs. This is exactly what lawmakers wanted.

  6. Excellent blog. And these are miseries what every MRA goes through. Well put and good video.
    But with the awareness created by SIFF, the feminists have understood that now 498A misuse is acknowledged by every institution, hence they made the Domestic Violence law. Nothing to be proven, plain statement by woman is enough to make you slave for entire life-time while she drives you and your family out of your own house and she sleeps with her boyfriend. Ah, you do not have any right under DV to oppose even if she sleeps around with several guys.

    1. Absolutely, Laws are created to screw Men. Men, try to be a man and stand against wrong laws and prove falsehood so then they come up again with new set of Gender Biased Laws. See the sequence since 1983 with 498A > 304B > 125 > PWDVA > IrBM > SHWB > Salary to wife >>>>>>>>>

  7. Swarup da the DV % figures don't match up to 100%..

  8. Very well written. Hope this puts some light in the heads of the ignorant masses.

  9. I got a lump in throat while reading the story. What makes it worse, that it might look like a work of fiction for some people, but there is a generation of men that has lived this situation.

  10. Thanks a lot to all for their kind words. We can only wish that 498A misusers could have been kind too.