Wednesday, 6 March 2013



Criminal Amendment Ordinance was "to some extent" matching the logical sense of the world and hence International Media did not report much about it.

But recent developments are damaging just not to the image of the country but are "life ending" for India's lesser than half Population (a.k.a. Male Gender).

Open letters to Law Makers on the changes that they are being FORCED to take because of FEMINAZIs like AIDWA:

SUBJECT: World looks at India badly for proposing Gender Biased Sexual Assault Law

Dear Sir / Ma'am,

When government took some progressive steps towards making "Sexual Assault" a gender neutral Crime with the Criminal Amendment Ordinance, the recent developments are regressive and dangerous for the Indian Society.

Women Organizations and Justice Verma report (under unknown pressure from the Women Organizations), have been proposing laws which would leave men and young boys with NO SECURITY from any sexual assault on them.

Even Women Organizations mention that Sexual Assault victims are "MOSTLY" women which does mean that there is percentage of men victims too. not getting into the discussion of how many, with any changes to the Ordinance, Indian Parliament will be responsible of leaving out so many victims while forming a law.

Also, as part of global studies on Sexual Assault laws, it is very clear that all the countries have Gender Neutral laws. Do we want to be known as an EXCEPTION for WRONG REASONS?

Even government's own panels (including the report from Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, ex-Law Minister), have been suggesting to make Sexual Assault laws Gender Neutral.

Coming under pressure of Women Organizations would leave the government with black spot of not being able to stand up against force of organizations like AIDWA for justice, justice to all victims.

With Constitution's Article 15 giving all genders same rights, leaving out victims, just because they are male will be against their constitutional rights.

Government could even ask data from various Police Stations / Courts about sexual assault cases filed by men (atleast complaints as currently, there is no provision in laws to file this) across India to reach to the facts of India and not vexatious motives of Women Organizations.

Subject:     Rape Laws: Govt must not work under pressure from CPIM or AIDWA.

Dear Sir,

We strongly oppose Government of India giving in to pressure from one particular political (communist) NGO called AIDWA regarding sexual assault laws. The majority of Indian citizens did not vote CPIM or AIDWA to power and they did not give any mandate to AIDWA to frame laws.

Government of India must follow the recommendations of Parliamentary Standing Committee led by MP Venkaiah Naidoo rather than giving in to blackmail by CPIM or a NGO AIDWA.

Government of India must use the word "Sexual Assault" instead of Rape and no last minute changes must made to the bill.

The Sexual Assault laws must be kept Gender Neutral with provisions for victims and perpetrators of both Genders. It is very important that Male Victims of Rape must be encouraged to come out in open, instead of suffering in silence. Men do get raped by women, though they can be a minority. It is social stigma and ridicule that stops such men from reporting the crime.

One of the best way to reduce misuse of any law is to make that law Gender Neutral. Biased laws create institutional privileges that often overlook the issue of misuse of laws. 

Here are our demands for Criminal Law Amendment, 2012:

1) The Phrase "Sexual Assault" must be used instead of the word "Rape".

2) The Recommendations of Parliamentary Standing Commitee led by MP Venkaiah Naidoo must be followed.

3) The Parliamentary Standing Committee has more credibility and people's mandate than any retired Judge's recommendations or unreasonable demands of any women's organisation including Communist AIDWA. Govt must follow recommendations of Venkaiah Naidoo committee. 

4) Government must not do any last minute changes to the bill under pressure from minority political forces like Communists, AIDWA or other radical anti-social anti-male women's organisations hell bent in destroying Indian family system to unleash destruction and increase massive crime in society.

Best Regards


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    1. Meet us at Patiala House, Lawn between Gate No. 2 and 3, ever Saturday between 4 to 7 PM.