Sunday, 16 June 2013

Baap "Re"-Baap (Father's Re-Fathering)


Saturday-Sunday ......... a weekend? Party time? 3rd Sunday of Every June of "Father's Day".

While I was walking around the walls of the Family Court for my case, I went to over 50 men who were there in the Family Court either as the Security at gate or the Babu in Court of the Judges or the Husbands with worry on their face or Fathers waiting for visitation to see their children.

Objective of mine faced more amuzement and Questions on faces as I approached every man with my right hand to Shake Hands. My objective to wish every man I can see, "A Very Happy Father's Day".

Did it hit them or not on the right place, but for few minutes, it did bring smile to the faces of all those men who were either working or waiting.

One thing I knew, "appreciate a father and he will ALWAYS reciprocate" and all of it got proven with what I saw.

Though, I missed out the celebrations but so many Child-Less Fathers did not.
Where some went the motional way of giving a day of father's love to those who are deprived of it, few took the innovation to new heights as Super-Dads.
Where some went the extramile of taking out Rathyatra, few took the Roads of India screaming their pai out.

For me Father's day was a day of Hope in Hopelessness, Solutions in Problems, Comments in Silence and Happiness in Masculinity.

This blog takes you through a small journey of locations and snapshots of what today's Father's did for their Children across the GLOBE. Images are from UK, Delhi, Nagpur, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Father's Day on Twitter #storify #fathersday #fatherofsteel

A loving Son's Father's Day Cooking for his #FatherOfSteel

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