Friday, 11 April 2014

Media & Mulayam - Dont go well together

From Mr. Swarup Sarkar
First time in Indian Elections (2014) the third largest party, Samajwadi party has shown concern towards the increasing misuse of law and has promised if it comes to Power, it will ensure strong punishment to those who misuse the law.
It was expected that those who promote the misuse of law will try hard to save guard them, will not keep silent and will hit back.
Yes, the same we witnessed in last few days, where, by twisting the facts of what Mr. Mulayam Singh said, had been telecast in few media with only one-sided view. They did not allow any view of Men right activists or family right activists too.
Being a moderator of SIF, I have gone through the Video about what he actually said. Many media has even cut the first portion of the video to make Indian society victim of their twisted news.
There are 3 parts of the statement:
1. "When a boy or girls became friends, stayed together, but after some time if any misunderstanding happens, the girl files rape cases" >>>>>>> Every one knows that this is unfair because many women/girls also refuse to marry men even after having physical relations, but do we term those women/girls as Rapists? Answer is NO. Then why such injustice to men who refuse to marry the women and are termed as Rapist? Maximum media avoids this discussion and ignore the need for the necessary changes in the law.
2. "Boys do mistakes but is Death Penalty Justified?" >>>>>>> Death penalty is wrong, as per not only Mr. Mulayam Singh, even by many hardcore Feminist who also said openly in various media, along with more than 169 countries, against Death Penalty for any crime. But media had no problem to that. They have problem if Mr. Mulayam Singh say the same, as he insisted to punish those who misuse the rape law. So his words have been twisted as per feminist's imaginations and placed in front of People that Mr. Mulayam Singh wants to protect rapist, but they never said why they want to protect the misusers of Rape law and for those women who refuse to marry a man after physical relation with him or rape other women or men in India? If women do not rape men or other women then why are they afraid to make Rape law as Gender neutral?
3. "Strong punishment to those who misuse the rape law and will change the LAW accordingly." >>>>>>>>>> No media is even ready to digest this. They forget that the basic principal of criminal justice system is that a person is innocent till proven guilty, but such a law is formed that just on assumption as person is guilty till proven innocent. More than 74% men have proved in court that they did not rape any women, but they had rot in Jail for months together.
Recently a journalist from Poland, asked me, how a person be given Death Penalty, when the women is alive?
I replied, that it is the beauty of Indian Rape law, in the name of repeat offender, a person can be awarded death in India.
She asked, is it applicable when a person is convicted, has finished his jail term and then released and if he does the same offence again then only one may term him as repeated offender. Right?
I said, madam, sorry I can’t reply, let's wait for High court and Supreme Court order and how they define the repeat offender in Indian Criminal Justice system.
There was a women in a meeting. She asked me, do you mean, if a person in a live-in relation turns sour two times, he will be awarded Death as a repeat offender of Rape ?
I replied, madam, if a man is in a live-in relation which turns sour two times he can be hanged, but if women's live-in relation turns sour 10 times also, she will never be termed as Rapist.
Many question and are surprised why Mr. Mulayam Singh said this thing during Elections 2014?
Many political parties, along with SP, know the truth, how dangerous the misuse of Rape law is going on in India, but no one has guts to say the truth or took the stand against this injustice which can’t be justified in the name of women appeasement.
Misuse of LAW does not effect only men, it effects many women also, whose brother, father, Husband, Son or even Boyfriend has been dragged into False & fabricated Rape case e.g. a women raped 2 to 20 years before and in all these cases no medical test possible. The cases running for years together and the person behind bar in the name of investigation, unable to understand, a incidence which happened (or dint happen) 5 or 15 years back what investigation will reveal, where the medical test of women is not allowed? In SIF, we get more than 80% call from such women only as men always shy away to seek help form others.
Many had welcomed the stand of SP that they promised to take strong action against those who misuse the law and decided for the first time they will vote for SP instead of front line party like BJP or Congress.
The misusers of LAW got scared, so used the Media Twisted story to fool Indian society, who even after facing false & fabricated cases are unable to digest, how Death penalty for Rape cases can be revoked, without knowing it is the there in more than 169 countries, along with many hard core feminists of India, not only demand by Mr. Mulayam Singh. They do not know Death penalty had never reduced any crime, history witnessed, it only promotes barbarism, increase violence in the society.
But all men/women are not the Victim of Media Twisted Facts of media, they had gone through Mr. Mulayam Singh's actual statement from Youtube and are proud to say that he is not like other Politicians of India, who play vote bank politics and to appease few women group to promote the injustice to millions of women and men of their family.
In any LAW strong Punishment is welcome but it is important that same should not be unfair and against principle of natural Justice. Any special LAW needs a Special misuse Clause, just the way law makers have done in recent LOKPAL law.
Media Twisted story to safeguard the Misusers of Rape Law is highly dangerous for India and every citizen may have to pay the price of such a law irrespective men or women, if they dont wake up today.
One may Love SP or hate SP, but can’t hide the truth under carpet for so long. Unfair, biased law or policy is bound to create Backlash, history witnessed.
Injustice some where is direct threat of Justice every where.

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