Saturday, 17 May 2014

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Another Saturday, it was 17th May 2014.
SS, WB, JB met at 2:30 PM outside Hon'ble Supreme Court for a TV Channel Interview.
We then went to our Patiala House Weekly Meetings @ 4PM and as always, Delhi Meeting got over 20 new victims who came with Hope of HOPE.
While the victims of Law Misuse started pouring from 3:45 itself, the ground was almost full by 4:30PM.
Counsellors sat down in the park and started listening to the individual problems and suggesting options available & related strategies.
By then, the TV crew also arrived and did a beautiful coverage of the Weekly Meetings stretching over 30 minutes.
By 5:30, SS & JB Arrived at the Indiblogger Meet @ The Oberoi (near DPS Mathura Road).
We registered ourselves as SFF NGO & SS and entered the wonderful set-up which Nokia XL & Indiblogger team has arranged for over 250 bloggers enrolled with Indiblogger in Delhi.
As expected, when the Virtual World becomes Real, the real estate falls short, similarly, when Bloggers turned up to throng the venue, the chairs fell short.
Nokia Team was courteous enough to leave their first 3 rows to allow the Guests (Bloggers) to sit & enjoy the event.
An event with lot of energy and the sheer happiness which we could see on the faces of all bloggers on the experience of coming onto physical stage and out of virtual stage.
We got the opportunity to introduce ourselves as Men's Rights Activists and Men's Right Bloggers. SS was able to even share with a jam-packed room about 65000 Husband Suicide in India which goes unnoticed, unknown and un-blogged.
The event had lot of fun activities and about the new Nokia XL.
During the complete event, we kept tweeting which were being displayed on the screen throughout without any issues.
Tag was #VelfieOnNokiaXL which was used by us while we added some REALITY Bytes by #65000HusbandSuicides, #StopAbuseOfMen, #GenderBiasedLaws, #FalseRape, #FalseDowry , #SIFApp, #SIF1, #SIFOne and many others which were favourited and retweeted by lot of other blogging tweeteraties.
The Hosts from NDTV & Masterchef India fame made the crowd go over excited, over involving to an extent that in the last activity, bloggers couldn't wait for even selection and just went straight to the stage.
Then the Grand Finale, the Dinner started.
We managed to talk to lot of bloggers and lot of people spoke to us (probably Men's Rights sounded interesting to them).
Now, the actual blog starts as we share what bloggers felt about Men's Rights..
A bachelor blogger who shared that he just blogs about everything that a youngster goes through. The pain of a youngster and the pressures they are into for becoming what their parents want them to be.
We kept listening to him as his passion of "Bachelors" ordeal" appeared on his face while he spoke about it.
We asked him, are you married?
He said, No.
We just shared with him a link and asked him to read it and talk to us after few minutes.
The conversation after that:
B (Bachelor): Are you really serious, is this what it means for a man in India?
W (We): Yes
B: How can a man survive in India then?
W: We are there to help men survive.
W: Would you blog about this?
B (reluctantly): Let me see.
We knew that it is difficult for a man to become an MRA and for Mr. B, it was pretty difficult but we still left a big food for thought for him (Warning for Indian Bachelors)
A middle-aged (happily) married blogger who shared with us a case of his nephew where a False Dowry case was registered and was settled with 12 Lakhs transaction.
We told him that it is because of cases like these that even his nephew was caught in a false case.
If people were not paying and settling their cases (as few do or are forced to do), the whole "sugar coating" of these false cases would have ended long ago.
He agreed and then he noted down #SIF One (8882-498-498) number with intention to share it with everyone he knew.
Met another gentlemen who came to us and first thing he said, "you guys are doing a great job".
Heard his case. A unfortunate father who inspite of getting his children's custody left the children with their mother to avoid change of school for the children and his sacrifice went unnoticed. He was still accused of Dowry Harassment and he won the case.
A fighter as he did not succumb to the pressure of a Legal Terrorist.
A doc who blog and is a very learned man but unfortunately was sold to the idea of feminism. He said, "If your mom/sis can slap you and you dont feel bad, why to feel bad when your wife slaps you. It is about perspective". I just wanted to ask him 2 questions:
1. By that logic, since daughter/sis might also be slapped by her father/brother then slapping a wife should also be OK. Right?
2. Your mom/sis did not slap you when you had just taken birth. Probably you were hit after either of them a lot for you but now days, wife's hit their husbands just after marriage or just after starting of relationship.
All in All a great event, with lots of fun and varied range of bloggers, blog topics & views.
We did share with all #SIF One
And #SIF App

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