Thursday, 5 February 2015

Feminism = Misrepresentation


As I start writing this blog, I know most of the people reading it would start with disagreement and hence would probably stop reading it or read it with an intent to find faults (when not in logic then in grammar / English) in this write-up.
Today, most of the Indian Media, with sheer intent to copy data and misrepresent it to make their Feminist investors happy, published some news. One such news looked like this:
 This article, deeply smelled of Feminists existing subtle methodologies of effecting the Indian mindset of feeling guilty to be Patriarchal (though Patriarchy is a HOAX for India).
The article by Indian media, somewhere have put the blame of findings of such a research on men and their 'mindset'. As per the above article, the writer puts headline as:
"By 2050, educated Indian women could have a hard time finding 'suitable' men: Research"
Any feminist/humanist Indian, while scanning through this article would read the Headline and assume again that Men are at fault and Men are against educated women etc. etc. And with ongoing 'Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao' advertising, such an Article just uses the Feminist undercurrents for ANOTHER TSUNAMI against Indian Men.
Interested to know what made Oxford University so interested in Indian Marriages and more so of Indian Marriages in 2050, I decided to read what exactly has been said / researched.
While scanning through Internet, I went on the Oxford University website and found few more details (not the actual research) via News & Updates page as under:
As you can see, the headline on the Oxford website is essentially not Gender specific as it talks about Marriage Partners.
Nevertheless, let me come to inferences later.
Now, if you see the Oxford University Link, you will read this:
"More than half (54.4%) of the marriages in which the groom went to university involved brides schooled to primary or secondary level. Just over one quarter (26.6%) of women who had completed university ‘married down’, choosing less educated spouses, with most female graduates (73.4%) having husbands of a similar educational background"
This means following (using the same terms as given in Oxford link):
  • 54.4% university completed INDIAN Grooms 'married down'
  • Means 45.6% university completed INDIAN Grooms having Brides of a similar educational background
  • 26.6% university completed INDIAN Brides 'married down'
  • 73.4% university completed INDIAN Brides having Grooms of a similar educational background
The simple inference out of above data is:

As against Indian Men, who are 50-50 when it comes to accepting their partner to be More OR Less OR Equal educated as them, only about 25% of Indian Women are accepting their partner to be Less educated then them.

This means that Indian Men (University educated) are MORE OPEN MINDED on education level of their Spouse as against Indian Women (University educated) who, in majority, do NOT want to marry a Husband lesser educated then them.
Looking at the reality of India, just ask yourself, "How many girls you know in your circle who are ready to marry someone less educated them or lesser earning them?" AND "How many boys you know in your circle for whom education or salary of the girl is not a matter of make-or-break of marriage?" But still Indian Media chooses to put the blame on Indian Men while deciding the headlines.
What could have been appropriate Headline?
As per me, it should have been:
"By 2050, educated Indian women could have a hard time accepting men for marriage: Research"
Now coming to the reason why this Article is named "FEMINISM = MISREPRESENTATION":
  1. The actual research, as shown above clearly states which Gender is more choosy, still the Lead Writer of the research says reason to be 'Men wanting to marry someone lesser educated then them'. WHY? Indian Origin / Indian writer, India, which is already considered as 'Rape Country' or 'Dowry Country' or 'Anti Women Country' because of Feminist spread hysteria, can only blame Men, ALWAYS.
  2. So under the influence of intravenous Feminism, the writer already makes wrong inferences of her OWN data.
  3. Coming to the India's super influenced media or rather amazingly funded media (by feminism of course, since Men's Rights isn't Money making game globally), MISEREPRESENTS the headline from Oxford research to put FULL BLAME ON INDIAN MEN in the Headline itself while the data from same research says different things.
And before you think of any other inference, lets remove the assumption that Girls in India are FORCED to marry as per Parent's wish while Boys in India get FREE CHOICE. Please read the articles again, we are talking about 'UNIVERSITY EDUCATED' crowd.
Hence, I stand by, where I started:



  1. which eventually means feminism = destruction of family system

    1. So true Kannan. Ironically, these Feminists hold the key of formulation of FAMILY LAWS in India.

  2. Hey Ritwik : Great job, yes the Indian Woman feels it derogatory marrying a man less educated and my country is neither anti woman nor a rape country, its only has untill recently became country of misrepresentation of facts and loud media blind viewers!

  3. On the stats about men:
    1. 64000 Husbands Commit suicide every year as against 29000 wife. Biggest reason for their suicide is Family Dispute.
    2. 90000 Men commit suicide every year as against 44000 women.
    3. 3300 Husband's are burnt alive by spouse every year
    4. 93% of Workplace deaths are of Men
    5. 87% Road accident victims are men
    6. 100% combat deaths are men
    7. 83% of murder victims are men
    8. Male mortality rate is much higher
    9. Male life expectancy in India is 4 years lesser than females
    10. 98% of dowry cases filed are found to be non-worthy (arrests of 7L men, 4L women over past 10 years)
    11. 99.83% of Domestic Violence cases found non-worthy
    12. 74% of Rape cases found non worthy
    13. 83% of Workplace harassment cases found nonworthy
    14. 76% of Dowry Death cases found non worthy
    15. Most custodial deaths are of men
    16. Most fathers are deprived of custody or even visitation for their children in India
    17. Men's private helpline (SIF One - 8882498498) gets 135 calls every day as against 100 calls that government funded 181 helpline gets across India.
    18. 50 laws which are Gender Biased (it is approx. 10% of total IPC)
    19. 74% of Foeticides in India are Pre-Marital and hence Gender of the foetus doesnt matter so Female Foeticide is a Hoax.

    Point is not to question WHY FOR WOMEN. Question is WHY NOT FOR MEN TOO?

  4. Brilliantly written. Researcher needs to learn, how to analyse/interpret the data collected!

    Its appalling to see, nobody is bothered about the ever growing suicides of Indian men!. India is the 'Suicide Capital' of the World, why?, nobody cares, but still promoting it as 'Rape Capital', why?- money? trp? These feminists funded studies will continue to show Indian men as demons, even if the findings are otherwise. Disgusting!

    Its very sad, even if this Oxford researcher is twisting facts for money/trp. Feminism will destroy our way of living.

    Kudos to you Ritwik. Continue the good work.


  5. Very very true Ritwik,carry on the flame.we are with you.