Monday, 18 January 2016

For Media, one who cheats, is MALE


Media wrongly representing men is not new.
When we see reports of alleged female harassment, you see loads of description of the 'Male' accused along with 10 more statements on how unsafe women are. Media loves and plays with hysteria and create hysteria.
Media, with heavy funding from feminism knows which 'allegation' to make big as 'news' and which real incident to brush under the carpet. We don't remember seeing debates, mega coverage happening on Husband Murder, Raping her Boyfriend, Male child sodomized incidents.
PAIN OF MEN is easily, intentionally and 'for financial reasons' ignored by Media.
I recently came across a very interesting Media report. The objective of blogging about it is NOT to just read and agree, but to take action.
Every Men's Rights Activist MUST file complaint with relevant authority (PTI / ASCI etc.) on how media demonize men.
See the below screenshot of this Media Article:
So, as you can see, for a creative by "Anna Vital" heading "Why People Cheat", Business Insider India has conveniently changed the headline and the article URL to "Why Men Cheat".
I thought that this Media group (namely Business Insider India), would probably have something about Men cheating in their article, as the headlines shows 'Men'. The article, which is about 5 lines of write-up reads
"Loyalty doesn't come easy these days. No matter, how affluent or how compatible two people are, they still struggle to stay faithful to each other. Ever wondered what makes one ignore his/her spouse and concentrate on other people? Anna Vital explores the age old query of the human civilization 'Why people cheat?' in an infographic below.
Take a look!
So neither the Article text AND neither the creative of Anna Vital say it is men who cheat but still this Media group has demonized men while the whole article is mute about 'Men' cheating.
It is a known fact that Women cheat more in relationships (which is a fact that MRAs know and all based on various researches) as against feminist assumed belief & promotion of men being the ones who are cheating.
Media's 'feminism' and paid journalism has been exposed many times but this blatant, is new for us.
Expose, expose, expose and Report, Report, Report such media Articles.
Lets clean the society which runs on Humanity and not Feminist Money.

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