Thursday, 25 February 2016

Google under Feminist Threat?


Most of us, while using English and Hindi typing on our Systems, use the Translate tool of Google a lot. Isnt it?
Just not that, most of the on-the-fly translations on Android Phones or any other website while using Google Chrome too uses Google Translate as the tool for Translation.
Now, as my personal abilities limit me to languages of English and Hindi, I will limit this blog also to these 2 languages, Translation, Google and FEMINISTS!!
I am sure, till now, the blog was hinting to be a standard tech blog about Androids, Google, Translation tools etc. etc., until you saw he last world in the above line. HOW COME FEMINIST ............... is the question you might be asking.
My analysis say, a company like Google (in 2015, 74.54 billion US Dollars revenue ~ INR 4 Lakh 84 Thousand Crores), which owns the Translate tool (portal, backend, everything) is under threat by Feminists.
Though, the current CEO of Google is an Indian (and we are all proud of it), the Translate tool of Google, while converting English to Hindi, has been deliberately fiddled with by the feminists.
This is definitely a BREAKING NEWS.
Now, what I based this outcome on is here:
Now, the above screenshot is taken on 25th February 2016 at around 12 noon (India Time) of the Translate tool of Google (so if you see it changed after that, please know that Google probably saved itself from Feminism deliberately playing with them).
Now, you may ask, HOW FEMINISTS or FEMINISM is behind this?
So, initially, let me explain the above screenshot to bring you and me on the same page:
1. I translate "Men" from English to Hindi and Google Translate gives me "पुरुषों". May not be grammatically correct, but 'Men' in English is translated to something similar in Hindi, almost correctly. Men is पुरुष in Hindi language. GOOD JOB GOOLGE!!
2. I also translate "Deteriorating Condition of MEN and Families" using the same tool and the result I get in Hindi is "महिला एवं परिवार की बिगड़ती हालत", which otherwise is an OK translation but as you may notice, Google Translate, has converted 'MEN' in English to 'महिला' in Hindi. So, for those who don't know Hindi, 'महिला' in Hindi means 'WOMAN' in English.
3. If you see the notes below, Google Translate Tool also tells me that "Showing translation for SUB: Deteriorating condition of Women & Families Men", which means that even Google (yeah, a 74+ Billion USD company), is not able to correlate Men to Deteriorating condition OR to Family.
4. Though, when you use the same translate for a statement like "Men are working", the translate tool gives following in Hindi "पुरुषों काम कर रहे हैं", which again, is almost correct. That means, when it comes to act of 'working', Google identifies Men and Men but when it is about 'Deteriorating Condition' OR 'Families', Google replaces Men with Women.
Thus, as per above, only following are possibilities:
  • Either, Google is Gender Biased and for their developers & QC departments, men can not be in deteriorating conditions OR Men don't identify as Family for them, OR
  • Google Translate tool (which asks for suggestions to better the translation) has been deliberately fiddled with by Feminists or Feminism to make such online ignorance to apathy of men.
As expected, I did made the necessary suggestion and correction manually in the translation and also reported the same to the Translate Tool, but it cant be ruled out that feminist pressure and work are:
  1. Definitely ANTI MEN
  2. Definitely eating most successful companies at their roots
Now the Question may come to your mind, whats the benefit Feminism gets out of it?
Assuming, it is Feminism which is Anti Male and not Google itself, what feminism gets out of it is following:
1. Changing such keywords in Google, effect every online user who wishes to read about India & feminism (owing to the various Hoax spread, yes world is very interested & 'investing' into feminism in India.
2. The day such keywords are completely f***ed-up by Feminists, Google can be help almost for ransom to do any corrections as by the time Google realizes these corrections, this would have got used and overused already.

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