Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Proofs of 2012 being End of World




It hasn't been very long since we saw all NEWS channels flashing "END OF WORLD IN 2012".
I am sure, most of us would laugh out on it as I did.

But then, I saw what was happening in India and looking at that one can see clear proofs of Major Steps being taken by Indian Law Makers to atleast ensure that 2012 is "END OF INDIA".

Now, whatever I am writing here is from a perspective of what a COMMON INDIAN CITIZEN would feel about what he reads in those black words coming out of the books of Law Makers of India.

How? Lets see.

Indian Law Makers are working as a illogical group of people working towards destroying India and it's Heritage. Under the tremendous pressure from "Women Organizations", "Ministry of Women and C Development" and "National Commission of Wives (Oops!! Women)", India is witnessing one of the worst years in it's history of making WRONG laws.

This Year has seen some big BUZZ WORDS like SHWB, IrBM, DP Act Amendments, 498A Amendments, Salary to Wife, Right to Property Act.

With those above words, for sure India is sitting on a Huge Nuclear Bomb which is about the explode. These laws will "DESTROY" India for sure.

In Brief, lets see why?
1. IrBM : Irretrievable breakdown of marriage. A new Bill proposing "NO FAULT" divorce to India where, MINIMUM 50% of movable / immovable property of Husband (earned at anytime before, during, after amrriage) will be given to the wife in case of Divorce under this ground. Also, this law does NOT give an option to a man  to object to divorce filed by woman on Financial Grounds while a woman can object to Divorce filed by man on grounds of Financial Hardship.

2. SHWB : Protection of Women from Sexual Harassment at Workplace. Another biased law, another Anti-Men law. Where does a man go if he is harassed by his female boss at workplace? If he says no, he will have a case against him under SHWB from the same boss. So till now living at home was made a CRIME ON MEN and now even working in office is made A CRIME. And we expect false cases numbers to come down. HOW?

3. DP Act Amendments : The Dowry Prohibition Act is being proposed for Amendments. Amendments include REDUCING the tenure of Punishment of GIVING DOWRY to imprisonment of 1 year from current 5 years. THIS WOULD BE THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF GLOBAL LAW MAKING WHERE A CRIME HAS DIFFERENTIAL PUNISHMENT TO CRIMINALS. The Amendments also propose exclusion of names of siblings. WOW!! WHAT A LOLIPOP. As if with my brother / parents being implicated in false cases gives me a better life. GREAT WORK!!

4. 498A Amendments : Government of India, indirectly realized what Hon'ble Supreme Court was screaming for so many years about LEGAL TERRORISM. In 2010, CrPC 41 Amendments came in listing down the guidelines of Arrests for Criminal Sections which have imprisonment for 7 years of less as the tenure of Punishment. This helped marginally saving innocent Husbands, siblings and senior citizen parents from harassment of getting behind bars. "Marginally" because most of the states Police Authorities till date are not aware about it. The Amendments of 498A are proposed to increase the punishment from imprisonment of 7 years to Life Imprisonment. Thus, it will ensure that Innocent Husbands, siblings, relatives and Senior Citizen parents are arrested just based on a complaint, assuming, everything to be correct. We are now a proud country who would imprison innocent citizens purely based on assumptions that complaints are correct. Mind it, this is the same law which has less than 2% conviction rate.

5. Salary to Wife : Interesting, yet another draconian law. So now, being a wife is a paid job. Government is trying to force India into PAID relationships. It does not mean that a man slogging his body-mind-soul to earn livelihood for the family has any hearing anywhere. 
Please read it here: 

With all the above, I am convinced that 2012 is END OF INDIA for sure.

Let's see if people can think of this without giving obvious "benefit" of Doubt or even "benefit" of REALITY of Women being oppressor to her and feel otherwise.

There will be 1000 of arguments about historically women being tormented ...... blah ...... blah ...... blah.
Sorry people, this above statement is just on hearsay and not on any reality. It is the way the Feminism in India has ensured upbringing of you, me, everybody. This is what we BELIEVE, this is what we THINK, this is what we FEEL that "MEN ARE WRONG". Isnt it? Do a small litmus test on yourself about your dealing methodologies with your Male and Female colleagues. Just not that, observe your own reactions of running for help on road for a Man and a Woman.


And above few "NEW" laws are example of what feminism has given to India.



  1. No, it is rise of India, It is End of Bharat.
    I remember the dialog of film ARAKSHAN, "humare desh me do Bharat baste hai". How many countries have two names, but our country has 3, Bharat, Hindustan and India. have you ever thought why this is so? This is planned very back by Britishers, they used ""Divide and Rule" policy and selected our greedy, politically hungry people and transferred the British dynesty to then and given the name, "Independence". do you think you are really independant?
    These black britishers looks like Indians but extally destroying the Indian culture in a planned way.

  2. Thanks a lot Yaksh Ji and Jinesh Ji.

    It is great to have appreciation from stalwarts like you!!

    We need to spread this to those who are still sleeping in hope that this CAN NOT happen to them.