Saturday, 25 January 2014

Constitution of India. Retired?



First thing: Wishing all India and Indians a very Happy Republic Day.

With this blog, we are not questioning Constitution or the Republic, like lot of Parties are doing now a days just because opposing any system is a "cool thing" and people join without applying their own brain.

This blog instead talks about why India as a Republic made sense the way our Constitution was written but on how non-sense it has been made by the way implementation / comprehension is done.

India, today celebrates its 65th Republic Day. Congratulations India.

This also means that Constitution of India is 64 years old.

As per the current rules in India, Retirement age for Professors in Central Universities is 65 years. So, from today onwards, Republic / Constitution of India has reached it's retirement age.

Now, this is as per the rules for professors, but have we ever even lived our Constitution?

Constitution of Republic of India has been given the same treatment as it is given to parents of a Husband in India. It is good to have them, only for name-sake.

Constitution of India, in Part III, Section 14, states:
Fundamental Right
Right to Equality: 14. Equality before law.—The State shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India.

Now, there is got to be a reason why the writers of the Constitution of India made "Right to Equality", a "Fundamental Right".

As per the Oxford Dictionary, Fundamental means:
 - so basic as to be hard to alter, resolve, or overcome

As the Hon'ble writers of the Constitution of India made, "Right to Equality - Equality before Law" Fundamental really means that if you are a Living thing, you MUST be treated as Equal with all other Human Beings. Come what may, whatever is your religion, caste, place of birth AND MOST IMPORTANT, of ANY GENDER.

Now, if we really see, really really see for once, with all honesty, with all our feminism kept at bay, what India have we seen, Criminalization of Men, Victimization of Women, Anti-Male Laws, Pro-Women Laws. Now few may argue that it is needed. But honestly, that very need itself is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

The Writers of the Constitution believed that India should not be working on Knee-Jerk reactions or reactions of Jerks.

Is India a Crime free country? NO. But unfortunately, feminists have been able to make Gender of Crime. As a result, we see candle marches, we see Gender budgets and recently, we see Gender Voting.


This is what Constitution thought, that is what it says too.

So much before the Constitution reached it's retirement age, India has already made it retire.

Now, few argue that Constitution allows making Provisions for Women and Children under Section 15(3). But is it so difficult to understand that Constitution can NOT contradict itself.

So, as it looks in India, Constitution has Retired, atleast Feminists have made it retire. Is this want is real meaning of "Banana" Republic ....... still trying to figure out.

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