Wednesday, 8 January 2014

SHWB reality


As India entered 2014, just 1 year old Legislation has already started showing it's fruits.
SHWB means Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Bill. Now don't ask me why does the acronym does not mean the name.
But in reality, even the law does not mean it's name.
Another law for great misuse.
Another law which will hang like a sword on Corporate India.
SHWB has left many corporates increase their Insurance cover to cover the damages that SHWB cases might cost them.
Isnt it a killer idea, first have women reservation in corporate and then unleash the virus of easy to misuse SHWB.
What could be better, have 50K rupees in your account to file a case and then the accused does not even get to see the Investigation report.
Is India still part of Human Rights Convention of United Nations? In reality it is NOT.
Understand SHWB with a quick video:

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